Fiscal Policy+

We must balance the damn budget. There are a number of airtight arguments to be made here, but one stands far above the rest: stealing from future generations in order to pay for anything today, regardless of the justification, is wrong - plain and simple.

We know it in our hearts, in our heads, and in our guts, yet we allow ourselves to be misguided by those currently in charge. When they tell us it's all part of the federal government doing business - the trillion dollar annual deficits; when they tell us we should trust them because they know what they're doing, and we'd all be much worse off if it wasn't for their actions; when they tell us not to worry because this time "it will be different"; do we really believe them? read more...

Drug Policy+

We need to stand together in order to pressure the federal goverment to end the unconstitutional War on Drugs. Doing so will put decisions back in the hands of the states and the people - as it should be. We must also secure the release of any truly non-violent drug offenders who have been given a prison sentence instead of community support.

It's been over four decades since President Nixon declared the War on Drugs in 1971. The US Government has spent over $1 trillion since. I ask one simple question: what do we have to show for it? read more...

Defense & Foreign Policy+

I am not an isolationist. I will advocate for a policy of non-interventionism, a policy according to which we only put our service members' lives at risk if we absolutely must - to defend this great country, or one of our allies, from foreign aggression. I will never support U.S. military intervention in the name of so-called national interests. And, finally, as per the Constitution, only Congress has the power to declare war, not the President. I will do everything in my power to hold him (or her) accountable in this respect.

There is no question the United States needs a strong, capable military in order to carry out one of the most essential functions of federal government - national defense. That said, it's clear our current strategy has very little to do with defense. Let's take a look at the facts in order to gain a better frame of reference. read more...






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